Blues Guitar lessons


Here's a description of all the Blues guitar lessons on this website. In these lessons i'm describing various aspects of Blues and Blues guitar playing, like form, blues rhythm guitar, blues solos, phrasing, scales and expressive techniques. I also give examples of which Blues guitar players to listen to while you're learning the Blues.


Blues Guitar 1 - Introduction

This is the first episode of my blues guitar series of lessons, which will introduce you to the blues and show you how to play the blues, step by step.


Blues Guitar 2 - The Twelve Bar Blues Form

This lesson describes the traditional 12-bar Blues form as it is commonly played by the great Blues players, since 1890 approximately.

Blues Guitar 3 – rhythm guitar TAB

In this third Blues Guitar lesson we'll look at how to play a basic 12-bar blues accompaniment part from TAB. Playing a rhythm guitar accompaniment part is also known as 'comping'.


Blues 4 - Soloing - the Pentatonic Minor scale In this lesson, part 4 on Blues guitar playing, i'll describe the most common scales in Blues, the pentatonic minor and also the Blues scale, how to play these scales in an improvised solo, and how to practice them.

blues guitar introduction - freddie king


Blues 5 - Soloing - Phrasing

In this Blues lesson, i'd like to discuss phrasing in guitar solos. Phrasing is the key to playing a beautiful and interesting Blues guitar solo!


Blues 6 - Soloing - Expression

In this lesson on playing Blues guitar, i'll discuss various ways to make your blues playing and solos more expressive. Expression is one of the most important aspects in Blues.


Blues 7 - Soloing - Alternative Pentatonic Scales

A great way to have more harmonic and melodic options in your solos is to use the pentatonic minor scale in different keys , when playing on a blues track!


Blues guitar lessons