Learn guitar - Teacher or online lessons?


Ways of learning guitar

If you want to learn how to play guitar, you have three options: Learning from a guitar teacher, learn by teaching yourself using free online lessons and learning from paid online lessons.



The best choice for you depends on a few factors, an important one being your motivation. Do you have a steady job and are you looking towards playing guitar as a hobby? Have you been teaching yourself and you want to make bigger progress on the instrument? Have you been invited to join a band as the guitar player, and you want to achieve a higher level of playing?



If you want to decide how to learn the guitar, you'll have to realize this: learning guitar, like learning anything else, requires some discipline. This means that you'll have to find a way of learning that feeds your discipline.


Guitar teacher

For some, the best and most fruitful option is learning from a live guitar teacher. This has the following benefits:

- Motivation. Having a real guitar teacher can be very motivating. Seeing and hearing a good guitar player up close is a really nice experience and can make you hungry for learning guitar.

- Efficiency. A good guitar teacher can spot your playing level and playing strengths and weaknesses pretty easily. He/she will know what is the best technique/song/exercise for you to do/learn next. This is much more efficient than learning on the internet where to amount of information is overwhelming.

- Flexibility. You can ask a good guitar teacher anything about guitar playing, guitars and music, and he/she will know the answers and can help you. Want to learn a certain song? Want to learn how to play the blues? Need advice on what guitar/amp to buy? Learn some nice jazz chords? How does that trick go? Flexibility also can mean the your lessons can be planned in weekly, or every other week. Maybe even the time of the lesson can be flexible.

- It's fun. Talking to a real person and hearing them play certain things on the guitar can be more fun than just watching some videos on youtube. It's much more interactive and it's nice to have someone interested in your proceedings.

- Discipline. Let's say you have a weekly lesson. When that lesson is coming around, every week, you'll study a bit on the guitar. Otherwise you'd have no real reason to go to the lesson and you'd be wasting your money, right?

- Money. A good guitar teacher usually has a fixed price for one lessons of a certain length, so you'll know what weekly lessons will cost you on a monthly or annual basis. Also, having private lessons from a good teacher means great value for money. Look for a teacher that asks for a 'normal' lesson fee, about 25 - 50 dollar per hour.

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Free online lessons

For other people, learning guitar from lessons available for free on the internet will be a good option. This is why:

- Loads of information. There are huge numbers of lessons available for free on the internet, about styles, techniques, certain songs, gear, chords. After some time, you can learn playing along with backing tracks on youtube (fun!!) and you'll have a good amount of knowledge about guitar playing.

- Flexibility. Learn guitar when you have time, no obligations! Internet is always there for you and shows you what you want, when you want it.

- Money. As all information in the world is now available for free, info on how to learn the guitar is too. Cool, huh? Thank you Google! Even if you decide to buy a guitar instruction book, the internet can tell you which one is best for you.


Paid online guitar lessons

For some, getting paid online lessons is a good option:

- Personal help. Some of those website employ webcam teaching so they'll be able to interact with you.

- Loads of SELECTED materials. These companies have good materials and know when to offer you certain lessons or information.

- Discipline factor. Paid lessons will yield faster results for some, BECAUSE you've paid for them! You'll want your money's worth and will probably study harder when paying for lessons if you have problems making progress when using free online lessons.


Watch out!

Beware of any sites or companies promising you incredible improvement of your skills within a short amount of time. If they go on by asking you for money, watch out! Find out first what they offer exactly. Don't believe in miracles, believe in steady progress!


This is it, i hope this will make it a bit easier to choose between a guitar teacher or online lessons! Cheerio!


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