About Roger


About me:

I'm a guitar player and guitar teacher. I've been teaching guitar in a 'guitarschool' for 7 years, and i've been playing live for about 10 years now. I'm crazy about everything that has to do with music, guitar playing and guitars. The styles or 'genres' of music i like to play most are rock, jazz, blues, funk, latin and fusion. I'm playing with different people all the time and love playing at jam sessions. My own band is called Azure, it's a modern jazz quartet.

I started playing guitar at age 10, when my parents gave me a small acoustic guitar. I got hooked right away and quit my piano lessons.

Years later, decided to become a professional guitar player and enrolled the Jazz program in the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, receiving a Master's degree in Jazz six years later.


On this website, I teach how to play the guitar, drawing from my teaching experience and my professional experience as a player. I also write about various subjects that interest me, about music, guitar playing, and guitars, amps and effects.


Click here to hear me play guitar.


Take care, all the best, Roger Axetrample


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