The Best Guitar Forums


Here's a list of the best guitar forums on the internet. On these forums, you can chat, discuss, argue, question, rant and rave about anything related to guitar and music in general. To get started on any of these forums, simply register, confirm your registration by email and log in. (updated 15 january 2012)


The Best Guitar Forums:


The Gear Page

The Gear Page is a huge community of guitar and bass players, discussing anything from playing, theory, gigs, technique, music, recording and building guitars to guitars, amps, effects and digital equipment. The members generally have loads of know-how and experience and you can ask them anything. A cool place.

Description: "This is a discussion forum about music, music gear" http://www.thegearpage.net/board/


Harmony Central Forums

Harmony Central does a lot of things but especially the Forums are something else.


You can discuss a wide variety of subjects here, including the Music Biz, Songwriting, Recording, Gigging (as well as 'Epic Fail Live Gigs'), Effects, High-tech Guitar, Lessons and much, much more. The members are very assertive, highly interested and humerous as well!

Description: "The Harmony Central Community Forums are the longest running musician gear discussions on the internet."



Ultimate Guitar Community

While Ultimate Guitar is widely known as the biggest TAB website in the known universe, they have their own forums as well. Here you can chat about anything you can think of. These forums are strictly moderated so be sure to read their Rules and Regulations before getting started!

Description: "Guitar community and forums at ultimate-guitar.com website" http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/index.php


the best guitar forums warshipping



Guitar Noise

Generally a relaxed forum to hang out on and read about anything related to guitars, composing, live playing and recording.

Has a special section for women!


Description: "Friendly Discussions About Guitar and Music" http://www.guitarnoise.com/forums/


See the description. 'Nuff said.
Description: "The Fender Telecaster Electric Guitar Central -- No. 1 in the World"


Guitar for Beginners and Beyond Forum

A friendly environment for any guitar player getting started with their instrument. Comes in blue and orange.



Guitar Amp Modeling

THE forum about all things modeling.




On this forum, the REAL GEEKS hang out, which is why it is so cool. You can show them pictures of your guitar rig and they will reply on the value of its minute details and ask you about the exact amount of flickering lights present in your rack. Join the Geeks and become one of them within minutes!

Description: "GeekChat! is a guitar rig discussion forum. Chat with other guitarists about guitars, effects, amplifiers, tone, stage gear, rock star rigs, technique, recording and more."



The Official Dean Guitars Forum

Not just about Dean guitars. Their description says it boldly:

Description: "Put up or shut up... in "hands down" the best guitar forum anywhere." http://www.deanguitars.com/forum/


iBreatheMusic Forums

A great place for medium to advanced-level players.

Go in-depth on various music related subjects.

Description: "A site packed with quality music theory articles, lessons in guitar technique, helpful advice and guitar instruction from professional musicians." http://www.ibreathemusic.com/forums/



A relaxed, smaller forum on guitars, lessons, guitar building and much more. Description: "Guitar Gear Heads are players, musicians, and songwriters on a never ending quest to find the perfect guitar tone. We are committed to uncovering guitar gear that defines your sound! Reviews, News, Lessons, & Shopping - are you a guitar "GearHead"?"



Jam Session guitar forum

A discussion forum for guitar players & bass players, started in 1999. It's a family-friendly guitar players' community and also a learning center.



Description: "An online community of guitar players of all ages, styles, and abilities, exchanging ideas, tips, experiences, and more."



While primarily a giant forum on studio equipment, it has a special section on guitars and amps where you can get great expert answers on any questions you might have.

Description: "recording, studio, microphone, mic pre, compressor, equalizer, pro tools, DAW, Nuendo, Cubase, SSL, Neve, Helios, review, reviews." http://www.gearslutz.com/board/


Olly's Guitar Forums

A friendly and generous community for players of all levels, very big in UK and India. Description: "Guitar Forums - Join our guitar forum to chat with our friendly community of guitar lovers. Guitar equipment, songwriting on guitar, recording and more..."



Guitar Trade Forum

Description: "The Best Guitar Forum For All Guitarists, Bass Players And Other Musicians! Guitar Talk, Basics, Lessons and Technical Information." http://www.guitartrade.org/


Acoustic Guitar Forum

About all things connected to the acoustic guitar, various guitar brands, playing, recording, building and more.

Description: "A forum for acoustic guitar enthusiasts."




Meet the best Japanese guitar players here and ask them how come they can play so darn fast!!

Description: "Guitars101 is an online forum community where guitarists discuss playing techniques, lessons & tabs, how to record, gear reviews including amplifiers, microphones, pedals & more. There is a very active forum, classified ads, and music battle system."



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