Guitar Cables, tone, brands and patch cables


Guitar Cables

Guitar cables are often seen as a necessary evil, just for getting the signal produced by the electric guitar's pickups to the amplifier. It doesn't have to be that way, though.


When trying to improve their tone, most guitar players look at either the guitar and its components, or the amp. But recently, we are finding out that the guitar cable has an important influence on the quality of sound.


In a low quality cable, certain frequencies are dimished or lost. A high quality cable however, can preserve the sound of a good guitar and good pickups, without much loss of tone quality.


A good thing to keep in mind is to use the shortest possible cable, because longer cables generally weaken the signal and make it lossy. This also counts for patch cables.

guitarhow - george l's patch cableGeorge L's patch cable. You make these yourself by cuting signal cable and sticking on plugs


Guitar cable brands

If you want to improve your tone, you can start by checking the following guitar cables:


- D'Addario Planet Waves Circuit Breaker Cables. These are lifetime guaranteed (they, or the shop, actually give you a new one if it breaks) and provide good value for money. The signal killswitch is quite handy,

and this cable sounds better than the average cheap guitar cable. Wayne Krantz, well-known also for his sound, uses these, according to his website.


- Vovox Protect A and Sonorus Protect A instrument cables. These have a very good sound quality with improved dynamic response. This means that it playing either louder or softer makes a bigger difference than it does with cheaper cables. Two guitar players using these are John Scofield and Kurt Rosenwinkel.


- Solid Cables, Dynamic Arc Ultra. These are even more expensive but are gaining popularity. Like the Vovox they are well-built, and give a more hi-fi signal from the guitar.


Patch cables

All these brands also have patch cables available. These are short cables used to connect effects pedals. If you need various short, good sounding patch cables for an effects board, check out George L's patch cables system. These you can cut to size and then attach the connectors yourself. Quite handy.


guitarhow - daddario guitar cableD'Addario Planet Waves guitar cable.