* Left/Right Hand

o Fretting hand position

o Playing Chords

o Alternate Picking

o Sweep Picking Part 1 - C major scale

o Palm Muting


* Technique/Soloing

o Soloing Basics

o Improve Your Tone - Part 1

o Improve Your Tone - Part 2

o Pentatonic Minor Scale

o How to Play Faster

o Blues Guitar 1 - Introduction

o Blues Guitar 2 - Twelve Bar Blues

o Blues Guitar 3 - rhythm guitar TAB

o Blues Guitar 4 - Soloing - the Pentatonic Minor scale

o Blues Guitar 5 - Soloing - Phrasing

o Blues Guitar 6 - Soloing - Expression
o Blues Guitar 7 - Soloing - Alternative Pentatonic Scales


0 Blues Guitar Lessons Overview

* Music Theory

o Rhythm

o The C Major Scale

* Tricks

o Guitar Tricks

o Bending Strings

o Hammer Ons

o Pull Offs

o Pinched/Palm Harmonics
o Guitar Amp Feedback


* The Pro Zone

o The Pro Zone: Playing Live Tips

o Gigs

o Jam Session Etiquette - Unwritten Rules


* Beginner Basics

o How to read TAB

o Guitar Tablature

o How to Hold a Pick

o Tuning the guitar

o Ear Training - Develop your relative and absolute pitch!

o Learn guitar - Teacher or online lessons?

o Guitar chords


* Guitars Effects Amps

o Choosing an Amplifier

o Guitar Effects Basics - Part 1

o Guitar Effects Basics - Part 2

o Guitar Cables

o Buying Gear - Think Big!

o Recording your Guitar Amp

o The Best Guitar Forums

o Solid State or Tube amp

o Basic Tube Amp Maintenance

o The Gibson Les Paul

o Roger Axetrample's Gear

* Sitemap/Contact/About/Privacy Policy

o Sitemap

o Contact me

o About me

o Privacy Policy


* Homepage

o Homepage