How to Pull-off


Tricks: the Pull Off

Like the bend, slide and hammer-on, the pull off is a way the connect two notes to each after. These are all done by the left hand. The sound it makes can not be made on any other instrument, and it's an essential technique in any style of guitar playing.

Instead of picking two notes in a row, only the first note is picked and the second one is produced by the left hand.


How to pull off

It should be done as follows.


To make a pull off from the 10th to the 8th fret, for instance, place the ring finger on the tenth fret of the string and place the index finger on the 8th fret of the string.


Pick the note and let it ring by keeping the needed amount of pressure on the ring finger. And here it comes: pull the string downwards with the ring finger and let is snap from under your finger tip. Your index finger should remain on the 8th fret all the time, so after the strings snaps, the note on the 8th fret will be heard.

guitarhow lesson - pulloff2... then pull string down with the ringfinger until it jumps from under the fingertip. Do this while keeping the index finger in place!


It takes some practice to be able to do this fast and effectively.

You should make sure that you pull the string down just enough to give it some extra tension. If you overdo it, the note will go out of tune.








A good way to practice this is to place all left hand fingers in a row on the string, for instance pinky on 10th fret, ring finger on 9th fret, middle finger on 8th fret and index on 7th fret. See if you are able to play the 10th fret note, than pull off to the ninth, pull off to the eighth and finally to the 7th fret. If you do it well, all the notes will sound and the note on the 7th fret will be ringing. Try this exercise on different strings.


Musically speaking, the pull off is a very fluent way to connect two notes, and together with the hammer-on, it can be used for a legato playing style. It's also faster than picking two notes in a row.


Alternating between a pull off and a hammer-on very fast on the same two frets, is called a 'thriller'.


guitarhow lesson - pulloff1Pull-off: place both fingers on the string, pick the string...