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GuitarHow contains Roger Axetrample's lessons and articles on how to play guitar, gear, tone, soloing, music, theory, and other guitar awesomeness!


Hi! My name is Roger Axetrample.


I have a wide experience playing, and breaking, guitars. I have been playing and breaking guitars and amps for 20 years now, of which the last 6 professionally (the playing that is, I still can't get people to pay me for breaking stuff).


I also give guitar lessons. Some of my students seem to have the same questions about guitar playing. How do I do a good stringbend? How do you get that squeeling sound? Which guitar should I buy, how can I improve my tone? What tricks are there? How do I play a blues solo? Should I wear boxer shorts or panties?

guitar lessons broken guitar

So, to answer these questions, and more, i created this website, containing various free guitar lessons about picking, tricks, advice about amps, guitars and effects, what to buy, and beginner information.


This way, you teach yourself how to play guitar, by learning the basic techniques and tricks. And you'll learn about gear like amps and effects, so you won't be tricked into buying a new guitar amp that sounds like s%#t. Happy playing and reading! May the Gods of blues-hardrock-free-jazz-funky-shred-metal smile upon you and your solos!


Click here for the promo video of my band's new album!


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